Ilbarritz green fizz

by Thibault Poëlvilain

4 cl of IZARRA Vert
1 cl of lime juice
1 egg white
1 sprig of fresh rosemary
4 cl of green tea - cucumber soda

Crush the rosemary in the shaker, add all the ingredients, except the soda. Shake, then top up with green tea – cucumber soda.
To make your green tea cucumber soda : In warm water, infuse chunks of cucumber and two bags of green tea.
Filter, then pour the infusion into a siphon. Cocktail made with a shaker, served on ice in a wine glass

METHOD : in a shaker
GLASS : wine glass
DECORATION : decorate with a twist of lemon around a branch of rosemary planted in a slice of cucumber cut diagonally

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