When you talk about Izarra, you are talking about a source of inspiration for cooks and chefs over the last century.

Used in sauces and desserts since its creation, Izarra has enriched sorbets, parfaits, terrines of liver and hare with chestnuts, pear creams and chocolate truffles, and even made an appearance at the Amphytrion in a Pierre Gagnaire ricotta.

Actually, from Arambide to Ibarboure, not to mention Jean-Marie Gautier, Xavier Isabal, Cédric Béchade and David Toutain, Izarra has been a source of inspiration bringing a spicy freshness with a slight mintiness that everyone enjoys.

Fooding is a way of showing one facet of Izarra and of further showcasing one of Izarra 54’s character traits, with a richness and an aromatic complexity that makes a superb difference every time.

Chef's Dessert